Tie Down Chain KITS - OFFER

**Tie Down Chain KITS **  

Fully Certified 10mm Grade 8 Chain 5m Long c/w Sliding Hook & Grab Hook! 

Kit includes Ratchet Load Binder
All Kits Are Fully Certified And Tagged!

One 10mm Chain Lashing System Set Comprising Cf The Following:
One Grade 8 10mm Chain, MBF 12.6t LC 6.3 Ton 5m In Length
Comes With CSHIOL 10mm Clevis Sliding Hook One End and 10mm Clevis Grab Hook Other End, Tagged with Metal Tag

One 10mm Ratchet Loadbinder MBF 12.6 Ton LC 6.3 Ton Tagged with Metal Tag

Special Offer €136.67 + VAT 

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