Owatrol Oil 5lt

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Owatrol Oil Aerosol 5 Litre

A high-quality rust inhibitor & oil based paint conditioner

Penetrates deep, drives out moisture & air from rusted metal.
Stabilizes the rust and prevents it from reforming.
Additive for oil based paints & wood stains.
Improves flow of paint and eliminates brush & roller marks.
Prevents cracking & peeling with improved paint adhesion.
Increase coverage of coat up to 25%.

Ideal Uses for Owatrol Oil

  • Priming galvanised surfaces with no need for weathering or pickling
  • Preventing further damage in heavily rusted surfaces
  • Improving paint flow when working in cold environments
  • Preventing peeling paint on wood surfaces
  • Protecting metal part on wood surfaces like gates and window frames
  • Assuring better adhesion of finishes.

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